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Churchill quotes good for business

YOU can learn a lot from the late wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill to help you with your business.

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The roofer impresses with after-sales service

Six weeks after he had done the job he called her house to ask her if the roof was OK. This small after-sales service can have a big effect on a...

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Five steps to engaging website visitors

If you're considering updating your website read this article and view the video.

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Inland Revenue Department - Introduction to business videos

IRD have developed a series of videos to help you when you are going in to business for yourself.

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Sticking to the plan is the hard part

WE SUBSCRIBE to a free marketing newsletter in which the author tells us he intends to lose 20kg.

After only six weeks, he's halfway there. He says...

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Generating repeat business

A PLUMBER in the United States has a 10-point checklist to identify potential plumbing problems, which he takes withhim to every job.

He also takes a...

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1, 2, 3, 4 ? we take our numbers for granted

CAN you imagine trying to multiply the Roman numerals XXXIII (33) by 100?

The answer is MMMCCC, but there's no logical way of working it out for...

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Buying and selling foreign currency

BANKS are not the only organisations which can supply foreign currency. Recently a client was moving £30,000 from the UK and obtained a quote from a...

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Buying a business - warranties and tax

WE'VE written articles before about buying a business. This time we're talking about a couple of things which should not be overlooked.



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Loyalty cards - don't follow the pack

BE DIFFERENT when it comes to loyalty programmes. If your competitors issue 10-trip loyalty tickets and you do the same, all you're doing is keeping...

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Non taxable allowances

YOU'RE not permitted to guess the amount you pay an employee as a nontaxable allowance. If an IRD inspector visits, one of the first questions is...

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Are you in quadrant 2?

STEPHEN COVEY was a management consultant famous for his book The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.

The book provided some interesting advice...

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