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Buying a business - warranties and tax

WE'VE written articles before about buying a business. This time we're talking about a couple of things which should not be overlooked.



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Loyalty cards - don't follow the pack

BE DIFFERENT when it comes to loyalty programmes. If your competitors issue 10-trip loyalty tickets and you do the same, all you're doing is keeping...

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Non taxable allowances

YOU'RE not permitted to guess the amount you pay an employee as a nontaxable allowance. If an IRD inspector visits, one of the first questions is...

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Are you in quadrant 2?

STEPHEN COVEY was a management consultant famous for his book The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.

The book provided some interesting advice...

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Don't be tempted to help yourself to the money

SOME clients continue to be too laid back when it comes to administering their trusts.

When you transfer money from your trust to yourself, how does...

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If it looks and smells dishonest, it probably is

WE HEARD a story recently about someone's mother who had just gone into a rest home, but had always invested her savings in a joint account with this...

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Traps with multi-function office equipment

YOU can buy machines which will fax, email, photocopy, print and scan; all in one machine. It sounds wonderful, but it's worth doing the research...

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Build business with a database

A DATABASE is arguably the most valuable tool you can use to promote your business. If you have ever wondered about the wisdom of building a database,...

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